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Luxury design is an expression of self as much as an exercise in style and comfort. Vashisth Interiors help render exactly that. We are an interior design firm specializing in exclusive, luxury interior design projects for high-end residential, office, and commercial areas. Our certified luxury interior designer team encourages the clients to tell us a little bit about their preferences on the design and then incorporate those in a luxurious way.  
For modern families, their homes are different from earlier ones and we Vashisth Interiors take care of every aspect of our clients. The main objective of our luxury interior designer team is to create your home that reflects all your ideas of comfort and beauty. We use the latest materials, focus on excellent finishing, and stay up to date with current trends to ensure that your home is fashionable and beautifully suited to your unique needs.
Stark blue lights and cubicles are a thing of the past. Today’s offices have recognized their employees’ wellbeing and are moving along with time. Modern contemporary office interior design is the norm now, and if your workplace hasn’t considered it, it’s high time you do. We at Vashisth Interiors are here to help you with that. Our luxury interior designer team focuses on designing workplaces that energize creativity and drive excellence while helping develop the unique image of your brand.  
A good commercial design draws the attention of the visitors to space which can significantly impact a lot in any industry whether it is a retail shop design or a big restaurant interior design. This adds value to the brand or simply improve the space and interest of those who spend time there. Vashisth Interiors luxury interior designer team offers that. Our team understands the clients’ needs and designs models to help visualize the space.

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We at Vashisth Interiors is an interior design firm specializing in residential, office, and commercial luxury interior designs. We offer comprehensive architectural and luxury interior designing services to address our clients’ interior space designing needs. Our luxury interior designer team takes care of all requirements from layout and planning to design and detailing to offer a space that works well for you, your employees, and your clients.


Vashisth Interiors gives a thoughtful approach to design and sharp attention to detail, quality, and finishing.

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We handle your project from start to finish and keep you updated. No need to coordinate with different teams and vendors.


With Vashisth Interiors you can rest assured that you are in good hands as we have several years’ experience.

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Vashisth Interiors is a one-stop-shop for every residential, office, and commercial interior design requirement.

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    Our luxury interior designing solutions provide complete incorporation of design, project management, and on-site execution. When you choose us, you receive the distinct benefits of single point accountability through the course of your project, from concept development to hand-over and installation.

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